This Blog is Amazing!

I am so thrilled at the response of all of you reading this blog! So many childhood friends that I thought were lost to me forever have found this blog and gotten in touch after all these years. I feel blessed and honored.

I even have heard from the daughter of one of my neighborhood buddies due to posts on this blog.

Some of you have “friended” me on Facebook. It is so exciting to see what your lives are like now and to look at the photos you post.

Thank you all so much for emailing or leaving comments. I read every one. I try to respond but I am afraid I have missed some. Please know that I do read them all and I appreciate them all.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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7 Responses to This Blog is Amazing!

  1. Darrel Wunderlich says:

    Darla do not know the time frame for your south cape experience but I to came of age in south Cape.(1018 s. Benton) worked all threw High School as a soda jerk at Womack’s drug store. as you I too have so many wonderful memories of that time when we could run all over south Cape and not worry about anything. but getting home for Dinner (supper) Mother s rules. keep up the good work with your Blog. take care. Darrel

    • darlajune says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Darrell. You may have served me at the counter at Womacks many years ago. I had a classmate who also worked at Womacks. Perhaps you worked with him, his name is Danny Pierce but we all called him “Alfalfa”. That is still his nickname. And, yes, we ran all over the neighborhood in those days. We had to be home by the time the street lights came on in the summer time or get our backsides tanned.

  2. Darla,
    Let us not what is going on in your life and the 60’s too. Write when you have time.

  3. Make that let us KNOW what is going on in your life and the 60’s too.

    • darlajune says:

      Terry, I will think about writing about my life at the present time. Not sure it would be very interesting though. Thanks for the suggestion. I will seriously consider it. Eventually I will run out of Sprigg Street stories. Today I am planning on starting some articles on a little background history on my family as Ken Steinhoff suggested. I appreciate you reading & I appreciate your comments.

  4. My name is Rhonda Fry. I grew up in Cape Girardeau from 1977-1996. I lived most of my life, at 415 S. Sprigg, next to The Market on Sprigg St. and Morgan Oak. Many memories, walking to school at May Greene, Don’s Store 24, and the Salvation Army. All the semi trucks crossing the old river bridge and knocking over the traffic lights. Could go on and on! Love my Sprigg street.

    • darlajune says:

      Rhonda, glad to hear of your experiences of Sprigg Street. That old river bridge was scary, wasn’t it? Barely room for a car when there was a semi coming. When I was a kid I had nightmares about that bridge. It is a good memory now though. I remember when there was a toll booth where you had to pay to cross the bridge. Once the bridge was paid for, they took down the toll booth.

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