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Back at the keyboard again

Well, I am back again. I have been on an extended hiatus for many reasons, health being one of them. But this morning, I called my unofficial blog mentor, Ken Steinhoff, and he gave me my marching orders. He said … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Remember a Man Named Sam?

Does anyone else from the Sprigg Street neighborhood remember an African-Amercan man named Sam? He had mostly white hair from what I could see, although he always had on a hat with a droopy brim. He always had a pole … Continue reading

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Jack Kennedy Maupin – born 1960

The following article was written by my younger brother, Mark, at my request. Thanks, Mark, for this article about our baby brother, Jack (aka Jackie Boo-Boo). My sister, Darla, asked me to write an article or two for her blog … Continue reading

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The Dillinghams and Watching The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

The Dillinghams were another surrogate family to me. I had such great times with them especially in the summertime. The father, Galvin, was a truck driver who drove all week and was home on weekends most of the time. The … Continue reading

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The Seabaughs and Sitting on the Roof in the Summertime

  The Seabaughs were our next door neighbors on South Sprigg. The parents were Virgil & Maggie. Virgil was a stout man with brown hair and a round face who seemed to always be smiling or else concentrating on his … Continue reading

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Getting Acquainted with the New House and Neighborhood – Part 2

The Campbell Truck Line (humpin’ to please) was our very favorite truck line. The drivers always honked when we gave them the universal sign to honk by reaching up and pretending to pull an imaginary rope. (The above image is … Continue reading

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Dredging Up Memories…..

The above image is an aerial view of the flood of 1993. This is the old bridge that I was familiar with as a child. In the image, the top of the photo is south, the bottom is north. My … Continue reading

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