Dredging Up Memories…..

The above image is an aerial view of the flood of 1993. This is the old bridge that I was familiar with as a child.
In the image, the top of the photo is south, the bottom is north. My home was south along the river a couple of miles from the bridge. Further south I think I can see a faint image of the old concrete plant tower. You can see part of the old downtown area just to the right (west) of the bridge.  I remember when we had to pay a toll to drive across this bridge. Once the bridge was paid off, they closed the toll booth and removed it. As a young child, I was terrified that the bridge was going to collapse with me on it, so I closed my eyes tight when we drove over it on our way to see Aunt Toots and Uncle Lesley and our cousins, Donna and Glenda Kay, who lived over the river in Olive Branch, Illinois.

1240 South Sprigg Street, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

New house, new school, new neighborhood.

My mother, my step-father, one of my brothers, and I moved to South Sprigg Street while I was in grade school. We had come from an upscale neighborhood just off Kingshighway where we had lived in a summer house owned by my mother’s boss. The summer house was located on a private drive and was considered by most to be on “the right side of town”.

The new neighborhood on South Sprigg Street was, however, referred to as “the wrong side of town”. I was not aware of that distinction at first but, to be sure, someone pointed it out to me soon after we moved there.

My new school was May Greene School. It was across the street from Fort D – a civil war fort positioned on top of a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. I was to spend many a day playing at the old fort with my friends, imagining what may have happened there during the civil war. There were big bunkers built all around the property which were fantastic for hiding from people. Every Easter, May Greene School students participated in an Easter egg hunt on the Fort D grounds.

Gun Powder House, Fort D, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Fort D, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Mississippi River is to the left in this image, May Greene School is to the right.

Fort D, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Gun Pits

Fort D, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Gun Pits surround the fort.

I will be writing of the friends and neighbors of those days, the changes in my life because of them, and how I view it now after so many years have passed. Although some did refer to the South Sprigg Street neighborhood as the “wrong side of town”, I remember it as a place where people were down to earth and I have many good memories of those days.

Please return for future articles or sign up for email updates in the column on the right side of the page. Did you live on or near South Sprigg? Did you perhaps go to May Greene School in the late 50’s or early 60’s? Do you know anyone else who lived or visited there during that time? If you would like to re-connect with some of the friends, neighbors, or classmates of that era and location, please let me know by comment below or by email to:


Thank you for reading!

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