Back at the keyboard again

cartoon me at keyboard 001Well, I am back again. I have been on an extended hiatus for many reasons, health being one of them. But this morning, I called my unofficial blog mentor, Ken Steinhoff, and he gave me my marching orders. He said to write, even if it is only one sentence. So I am following his advice since he has never steered me wrong.

My memories of Sprigg Street and South Cape grow sweeter as the years go by. And to add to the joy, I have been back in contact with many of my childhood neighborhood friends thanks to Ken’s blog, and to the Facebook page, Growing Up in Cape Girardeau.

Since South Cape no longer exists, those of us who lived there are the ones who can record our memories so that it can be remembered.

My posts may be short but I will attempt to write what is on my mind and heart; hopefully some of you will find something interesting in my ramblings.

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8 Responses to Back at the keyboard again

  1. You spent 30 minutes this morning telling me some wonderful stories about friends and family. Instead of telling them, write them. Write them just like you told them. Don’t get hung up on finding exactly the right word or phrase, just write.

    Like I said, a baseball player who strikes out 7 times out of 10 is considered a star. There is always tomorrow to write the perfect post.

  2. Barbara (Heye) Elve says:

    Welcome back, Darla! Always look forward to your posts!

  3. John Shotwell says:

    Memories seem more important now than they used to! I never realized I lived on the wrong side of town!!

  4. Darla, I didn’t know you or your family (although my younger sister Jeannie Gill Hinck probably knows you, she knows everybody!) love your blog. You have a a great ‘voice’ and very engaging stories. You mentioned Fairview Place, another of my sisters bought Dr Estes house 29 years ago, it’s a lovely neighborhood.

  5. Teresa M Clark says:

    Hi Darla…like your blog…keep up the good work…my grandmother grew up in the Cape and her father had a clothing store there…any Bohnsack memories you can share

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